Special vehicles and machines

The export range of our Technical Department covers a wide spectrum of product groups.
Applying our special know-how, Achelis supplies government departments, semi-state and private companies with capital goods. We place particular emphasis on service and maintenance.
Customers can rely on local Achelis companies with stationary and mobile workshop equipment and qualified personnel. They guarantee full availability of the vehicles and machines supplied, and offer service and maintenance contracts.
What’s more, some machines are available for leasing.


Our Industry Department team is known as a reliable supplier of equipment, spare parts and components for the cement, beverage, sugar and railway industries.
Our customers value our services highly. One reason is because we provide top support in case of emergencies, breakdowns and system failures.

“Apart from our role as a supplier to industry in Africa, we are one of the first contacts in Africa for supplies of spare parts as well as complete workshops, rails and accessories, locomotives and railway cranes.”

Our trained team reacts immediately to your queries and can supply spare parts at extremely low prices in the shortest possible time.

Product Overview Technical

  • HYSTER fork-lift trucks
  • Cranes and other transport equipment
  • BOMAG compactors
  • NEW HOLLAND earthmoving machines
  • SMITHS HEIMANN safety technology
  • Fire engines
  • Special airport vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles and equipment
  • Port and terminal equipment
  • Electricity generators and compressors
  • Industrial equipment and tools

Product Overview Industrial

  • Centrifuges, magma pumps, work locomotives and conveyor systems for the sugar industry
  • Cement pumps, refractory materials, cement mills and installation of grinding media,
  • cutting and filling machines for the food and beverage industry (among others)
  • Steel wheels for locomotives and wagons
  • Spare parts and components for rail vehicles


Weather observations system for Kamembe airport / Rwanda

In the May 2021, Achelis handed over its project for the supply and installation of an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) incl. an Automatic Terminal Information Service system (ATIS) for Rwanda Airports Company for the airport in Kamembe. The equipment was manufactured by our partners VAISALA, Finland and STR Speechtech, Canada.

The installed equipment shown in the attached pictures are located next to the airstrip of Kamembe airport. They measure weather information like wind speed, temperature etc. This information will then be converted into speech and broadcasted to aircrafts by the ATIS system which is located directly at Kamembe airport tower.

Supply of 9 HYSTER reach stackers to Mombasa/Kenya

For the handling of empty containers, we supplied several special HYSTER empty container stackers to the port authority in Kenya in recent years. Now we have attracted a new order for 9 HYSTER reach stackers for handling full containers in the port of Mombasa and various inland container depots.

Various vehicles for the Fire Brigade in Kigali/Rwanda

After the delivery of two large fire engines to the Fire Brigade in Kigali in 2012, we recently received another order for a fire engine with a ladder reaching a height of 54 m as well as a tractor including flat-bed truck for transporting heavy equipment to accident sites.

2 ferries for use in Mombasa/Kenya

Project and contract negotiations for the construction and delivery of 2 ferries, each 60 m long with RORO ramps at each end for 1,500 passengers and 60 vehicles on behalf of a German shipbuilder. The ferries have been in use in Mombasa since mid-2010.