Construction of 4 overland lines in Rwanda

Supply and installation of material for the construction of overland lines in 4 industrial estates in Rwanda, measuring up to 14 km in length.
Draft planning and demand analysis for medium-voltage transmission lines and low-voltage distribution lines, supply of the required materials, installation of the plant, erection of the medium and low-voltage lines, household connections and commissioning.

Supply of materials for electricity provision in 5 new districts of the town of Bujumbura, Burundi.

Draft planning and demand analysis for low-voltage lines, supply of the required materials, erection and commissioning of low-voltage overland lines and distribution lines.

Hydropower turbines in Rwanda

Working partnership between the companies Achelis and Ossberger for the upgrade of the existing hydropower turbine and installation of a second turbine with the same output capacity in Rwanda in order to double the capacity of the hydropower station.
The project included construction work, supply of materials, and the installation and commissioning of the turbines.

Cables for Rwanda

 Supply of various cables to the local energy utility in Rwanda for use in energy supply.