2 ferries for use in Mombasa/Kenya

Project and contract negotiations for the construction and delivery of 2 ferries, each 60 m long with RORO ramps at each end for 1,500 passengers and 60 vehicles on behalf of a German shipbuilder. The ferries have been in use in Mombasa since mid-2010.

3 chutes for the transport of bulk goods in the port of Tanga/Tanzania

Supply of three 3,500-t chutes with a length of 91 m and a width of 24 m (currently being built) to the port authority in Tanzania. The chutes will be used for transporting bulk goods in the port of Tanga.

Various vehicles for the Fire Brigade in Kigali/Rwanda

After the delivery of two large fire engines to the Fire Brigade in Kigali in 2012, we recently received another order for a fire engine with a ladder reaching a height of 54 m as well as a tractor including flat-bed truck for transporting heavy equipment to accident sites.

For the handling of empty containers, we supplied several special HYSTER empty container stackers to the port authority in Kenya in recent years. Now we have attracted a new order for 9 HYSTER reach stackers for handling full containers in the port of Mombasa and various inland container depots.